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.....Adopting in Almaty.....The Laura Edition......
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Monday 05.14.2001

Day 16

Today my Dad went to the Fight Club 2 while my Mom and I stayed in the apartment. While Dad was at the Fight Club 2 Mom and I put up the crib in my room (living room). Today we will take Laura from the orphanage. When we get back to the apartment I am going to play with her.

This morning the digital battery charger appears to be fried. Will have to be real conservative on the picture taking.
Today we get Laura from the orphanage. Waiting to find out when....

Igor came over around 10am to pick up a crib (we had 4) for Sheila & Benjamin. We gave him our yogurt for Sheila. He said that she was at the orphanage & that he'd be back for us around noon.
He then took the foldup crib from our bedroom.
I then went to the internet cafe to read/send emails & pics.
Sent pics of Laura & Suze from their first meeting on Saturday morning.
Checked George (no hits!) & read about the Pens 3-1 loss in Game 1 vs. NJ on Saturday night.
Back to the apt where Suze & Sarah had put the wooden crib from the dining room into the living room.
Igor & Tatyana picked us up before noon. We stopped by the office to load the van with the gift bought by our $ donation. Pots, pans, cribs, walkers, dishes, candy, etc. Plus we had our gifts (including the duffel bag of toys). The van was packed!

We got to the orphanage & took all the gifts to Larissa's office (or room outside her office). Ludmilla had us bring Laura's clothes up to her group room. We had her changed in the room where her video was taken. Ludmilla insisted Laura didn't like disposable diapers, so we didn't argue. However we didn't have underwear or a t-shirt, so Ludmilla left the orphanage's underwear & t-shirt on Laura. (We will give them to Tatyana to return later)
Laura said bye-bye to a couple of the workers & we went back down to Larissa's office.
After playing with some of the toys from our duffel bag & taking pictures with Larissa & others we headed out.
A couple of final pictures were taken out by the van & we left.
Laura sat on Suze's lap (by the sliding door) and was looking at everything. Soon, though she looked like she was ready to doze off.
However when Igor stopped at on particular red light on Gogol St, Laura snapped out of her funk & was wide-awake.
Back at the apt, Igor took a stroller for Benjamin.
Tatyana translated the orphanage doctor's chronology of a typical day for Laura.
Igor would come back to take me to a supermarket for kasha, child's oatmeal.
FedEx would be back around 5pm to get the carpets.
Once Igor & Tatyana left we put Laura on the pot & she peed! No diaper yet-she cried when she saw it.
She was obviously tired but wouldn't go to sleep in this new place.
Sarah & I went to Tsum so Suze could get Laura to nap.
Sarah & Jim got a soft plush toy (mouse), underwear, plastic pants, & onesies.
Then we had a Baskin Robbins again before going back.
Back at the apt, Laura was sleeping. Suze struggled to get her to sleep-she finally fell asleep while lying with Suze. We let Sarah stay in the living room & closed the door.

At about 4:45pm, the doorbell rang & it was 2 FedEx guys (Indian/married to Kazak, speaking English & one Russian). 36kg=$457! The rugs will be arriving on Wednesday or Thursday.
Got Laura up from her nap after that. Her undies were a little wet, put her on the pot & she had a stinky poop. After that had no problem with putting a diaper on.
At 6:30pm Igor picked Jim up to go to the store. We went to the store under Don's apt, got apricot oatmeal & milk & came back. Olga was fixing dinner.
We had chicken soup, salad, beef in cabbage.
Laura ate a whole bowl of porridge, a bunch of soup & a tomato wedge.
Later we called both BeeMas & Laura spoke to each (&Pap)
Put her on the pot (diaper was wet) & she peed again.
Watched Russian Sponge Bob (Suze videotape the theme song for Craig)
Laura was getting tired. Suze got her to fall asleep on our bed then brought her to the crib.

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